Roundtable Rondel

Who are we and
what do we do?

Do you enjoy travel, new experiences, making friends, making a real difference to the lives of people in your local community or the company and admiration of devastatingly attractive people? Well, we can offer you 4 out of 5 of those things!


RoundTable is an 18-45 society for gentlemen who want to get a little more out of their Wednesday nights, weekends or lives in general.  We meet at least twice a month and engage in all kinds of wholesome activities like archery, go-karting, hiking, dry slope tubing (look it up, it's pretty fun!) and eating enormous dinners.  The kind of things most people would like to do more often but that it's hard to co-ordinate a group of friends to do with you.  We've also been known to enjoy a beverage or two when time permits.

When we're not engaged in various outdoor and indoor pursuits, we're helping out in the community and organising fundraisers.  You'll no doubt be aware of the Duck Race (and if you're not, please refer to the home page of this site.  We worked so hard on making it) but if you've ever attended the Crosland Hill Bonfire, that's one of ours too.   If you thought lighting it was a spectacle, you should watch us build it.

We'd love to hear from you!  The first pint's most certainly on us.  And I must point out (as we frequently do) that while we have been known to shake hands, there are not, in fact, any special handshakes or ritual humiliations involved in becoming or remaining a member.

And finally, the important bits.


We have branches all over this and other countries, so if you're interested then please get in touch.  We can be reached in a couple of easy ways:

Web:                  Click Here

Contact Form:    Click Here

Tel:                   0845 508 0000

If you're from out of town, Google "Roundtable" and you're pretty certain to find something near you.

Table meetings are normally the 1st and 3rd Wednesday (and the occasional 5th Wednesday) with regular weekend events.  If you're interested in our programme, drop us a mail and we'll provide you with the details.

Alternatively those of an advanced age or a female persuasion, you may want to look into your local branch of Ladies' Circle or 41 club.  Details of those fine organisations can be obtained by clicking here